Dr. Dhananjaya Bhupathi
M.D., (Acupressure), Warangal
Dr.Bhandaru Uma Maheshwer Rao
MBBS,Dch, Warangal
Dr. J. Narayana Rao
MBBS,DVD, Khammam
Dr. B. Ramkishan
MBBS,DVD, Mumbai

Q : What are the aims and objects of your Institution?

A : To educate, popularize and to start a full-fledged Acupressure & Natural Remedies training College      and to attach it to a Hospital.

Q : What is Acupressure?

A : Treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers or with an object designed for the      purpose on the specific points of the palms and soles to drive out blocked energy, toxins from the      body and to ensure functioning of internal organs up to optimum levels.

Q : How many kinds of Natural Remedies/ therapies / treatments are aailable with Your Institution?

A : Acupressure, Nature Cure, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Tissue salt Remedies, Herbal remedies,      Yoga/Meditation and Magneto therapy, etc.

Q : What is the scope of Acupressure & Natural Remedies to treat diseases/disorders?

A : All 4500 Diseases of the mankind and Symptoms like pain, headache migraines, insomnia,   depression, toothache, dizziness, menstrual pain, digestive disorders including diarrhea,      constipation, nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, stress & tiredness, thalassemia, autism,      muscular dystrophy, morfan’s syndrome, parkinson’s syndrome, all types of heart, brain & spinal       cord affected diseases and all other types of ordinary and dreadful/incurable diseases, etc..

Q : Whether the treatment schedule for Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Thalassemia, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy,       etc., is one and the same and if so, how does it work?

A : Yes.For any chronic and dreaded disease condition, toxins and accumulated energy should be    driven out of the body through normal excretory channels, viz., lungs, urine, feces, skin and      menses. For this, enema set is a ‘must’ and for females vaginal douche is also a ‘must’ Pranayam, loma and anuloma, kapal bhati, bhastrika, green tea and black tea utility is common.

Q : Who Discovered Acupressure?

A : Dr.Devendra Vora, D.Sc.,M.D., FRCP,the world’s most renowned Acupressurist and the Bhishmapithamaha of Acupressure in India & Founder -Chairman of “ Devendra Vora acupressure foundation at Shantacruz, West, Mumbai”.

Q : What are the books available on Acupressure written by Dr.Devendra vora?

A : “Health In Your Hands” vol-I and vol-II, Publishers-.Navneet Pubications [India} Ltd, Mumbai,       India. www.navneet.com

Q : In which languages & where are book-titles ‘HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS’ available?

A : All Indian languages [excepting Oriya and Assamese languages]- Available        all over the globe. You can get the books online from flipkart, amazon.

Q : Under which category of medicine the treatment of Acupressure falls?

A : Nature Cure & Yoga, which falls under the system of ‘Alternative Medicine’.

Q :Any successful treatment of diseases with Acupressure techniques?

A : Successful stories [recorded documentations] can be watched by visiting            www.saioam.in

Q : Whether the Acupressure treatment has any side effects? Any                           Hospitalization required?

A : The treatment has no side effects as the system stimulates the functioning       of internal organs by     way of applying pressure but not by using medicines.      No Hospitalization. Domiciliary .treatment is      sufficient.

Q : Describe in brief Ur mode of approach to treat all the most                               dreaded/incurable Diseases?

A : Total cure, for any incurable disease, is feasible by Acupressure to purge            toxins and blocked      energy from all the body organs and invigorating the     entire immune system to produce antibodies.     A strict diet, [No salt/cooked      food] with micro-nutrients, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, etc., is a      MUST.

Q : Whether Acupressure Treatment and Natural Remedies are effective? If so, to what extent?

A : To ensure 100% cure in respect of early diagnosed cases and maximum cure in regards to late     stages of Cancer/HIV/AIDS, many other most dreaded/incurable diseases etc., one should comply      with all the stipulated instructions most scrupulously like rituals.

Q : The treatment schedule for Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Thalassemia, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, all brain      and Spinal Cord affected Disorders and the most dreaded and incurable auto-immune disorders is       common. Why? & How?

A : Because, the aim is to activate all the internal organs to work up to optimum levels, to purge    toxins and blocked energy through natural drainage systems [feces, urine, lungs, skin and for     ladies-menses] to render nutrition to all the trillions of human cells and to invigorate the Immune    System to produce antibodies. Hence, the scope for side effects is minimized. However, there      shall be “side benefits”.

Q : Whether medicines should be stopped during the treatment of Acupressure?

A : After 30 minutes of consumption of prescribed medicines the treatment of Acupressure may be continued.

Q : How much the treatment of Acupressure costs per month?

A : The treatment can be continued within affordable costs of a common man.

Q : What are the tools required for the treatment and how much do they cost?

A : The cost of one time purchase of Acupressure tools required for the treatment of respective      diseases will be in an afforded range of the common man.

Q : Whether medicines prescribed in acupressure treatment, if so, where they can get?

A : Medicines will be prescribed, if needed, for quick healing of ailments and they can be sent through     courier service.

Q : What type of medicines will be prescribed during treatment?

A : Nutrients, Micro-nutrients, Trace minerals, Anti-oxidants, Natural/Herbal remedies, etc.

Q : How much period the treatment will be taken?

A : It depends upon the severity of ailments of patients & extent of compliance of stipulated instructions.

Q : Was this type of treatment recognized and approved?

A : The science of acupressure was recognized in China during the 2nd Century CE, 649. However the same is being popularized in India slowly.

Q : Who will give the treatment?

A : A trained and certified Acupressure Therapeutist will give the treatment, if needed, train the attender or the patient him/herself to give or take the treatment.

Q : Whether the therapists are trained and certified?

A : The Therapeutists are trained by our ‘SAIOAM’ trust & certificate shall be issued in the prescribed format.

Q : Whether the ‘SAIOAM’ is licensed and authorized by Dr.Devendra Vora?

A : The Saioam is approved and affiliated to “DEVENDRAVORA ACUPRESSURE FOUNDATION, KHAR, MUMBAI” to train Therapeutists and to give treatment to patients.

Q : Do you have any plans to render ‘acupressure training’ online?

A : We propose to conduct ‘online training classes’ shortly.

Q : Do U have any arrangement to diagnose any disease ‘online’?

A : Yes. Introduced just now. you require a small gimmie + map and for further details you may contact saioamshyd@gmail.com. Phone No. +91 9849367207, +91 0870 2432437.

Q : Whether any Advantage/benefits are available to the medical practitioners of Allopathy, Ayurved, Nature Cure, Unani, Homoeopath, Yoga, Sidha, etc., with the ‘Acupressure Techniques’?

A : Yes. With the aid of Acupressure techniques, any practitioner can diagnose any ailment[s],   instantaneously and or suggest further laboratory investigations for confirmation of such      diseases/affected organs.

Q : Whether a qualified Medical Practitioner can learn Acupressure easily? If so, How?

A : By virtue of deep knowledge of Human Anatomy & Physiology, a qualified doctor can learn ‘Acupressure Techniques & Natural Remedies’ very easily. However, we shall give Books & DVDs, ,etc., to each trainee.

Q : Any plans to encourage retired/working Academicians, unemployed Youth, Nurses, and RMP/PMPs, to start Acupressure training centers in villages for the benefit of the rural masses?

A : Yes. ‘Saioam’ is imparting training to all interested literates & enable them to diagnosis all the ailments instaneneously and give appropriate treatment to all sufferers at village level.

Q : How to know about your commencement of training programs?

A : The dates of training programs will be published in our website www.saioam.in regularly.

Q : Whether your trust is planning for remote access diagnostic centers?

A : Yes, the trust is planning to commence video diagnostic centers at our respective branches to      start with and to extend the facility to other diagnostic centers gradually for online examination of    patients by expert Doctors of our Institution for diagnosis of ailments / diseases., vis-a-vis      treatment.