Dr. Dhananjaya Bhupathi
M.D., (Acupressure), Warangal
Dr.Bhandaru Uma Maheshwer Rao
MBBS,Dch, Warangal
Dr. J. Narayana Rao
MBBS,DVD, Khammam
Dr. B. Ramkishan
MBBS,DVD, Mumbai

The Trust is formed to help the poor and needy who are in dire necessity of getting treatment and do not have sound financial background. It is a Non Government Organization formed for the purpose of helping the poor. The idea behind the formation of the Trust is that the kith and kin of Trust Board Directors were the victims of the un-timely diagnosis and improper treatment. Thus with a view to diagnose Carcinoma and other dreadful diseases at their initial stages and for prescribing right kind of medicines at the right time with the help of Acupressure and other diagnosis tests, the Trust is formed to extend a helping hand to the patients in soothing their ailments.

Brief History: The trust was formed in 2007 at Hyderabad. Smt.Bhupathi Suvarna [mother of Dr.Dhananjaya] and Smt.Nuka Suvarna [mother of Mr.N.Yadagiri] were victims of cancer. Hence, the name of trust was christened as “SUVARNAS’ AYUSH INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE’. The strategic and voluntary support from Dr.Devenra Vora, Dr.Jinukala Narayana Rao,Dr.Gudimalla Govind Kumar, Dr.Bhandaru Uma Maheshwer, Dr.Bachwala Ramkishan, Shri Nuka Yadagiri and all other doctors in the medical board acted/continue to act as ‘spring board’ in taking Acupressure techniques & Indian Natural Remedies for the rescue of the poor in villages, towns, metropolis all over the globe.

The Trust is blessed with Doctors who are well settled in their fields and having faith in the service of mankind. The Doctors consented to spare their valuable time in diagnosing the ailments of the poor and needy patients through Internet and prescribing medicines for early soothing of their sufferings. The Doctors residing else where in the universe are also prepared to contribute their valuable services in diagnosing the diseases through Internet and to impart their precious advices for the early recovery of their health.

The Trust is also having faith in the traditional Indian treatment and brought all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of ailments of patients under one roof. The main motto of the Trust is to assist the patients to skip off their ailments and to recover their health with confidence. The Trust is also intending to extend the services throughout the State, Country. The main motto of the Trust is to encourage and impart education to the students in alternative medicines as well as tropical medicines by establishing Colleges and Universities.

The Trust is also backed by persons having humanity and kindness in contributing their mite in the service of mankind and for the wellbeing of the sufferers. The Trust has also attained the blessings of the leading Doctors and CEOs of the well known pharmaceutical firms and obtained their consent to spare their valuable services in organizing and to pave the way for the successful eradication of dreadful ailments among the poor and needy and to achieve the goals with confidence.